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Item Description (1): This ceramic statue is quite old. It is believed to be from Nepal. It depicts the overcoming of negative energies by a warrior being of power. It is approximately 11 inches high and it shows a warrior being or devine enity standing on top of a demonic entity of some sort.
Item Description (2): Very old Japanese-like Tea Set. It has the insignia of the artist or maker written on the bottom of each of the five cups that come with the tea pot. The type of handle on this very interesting tea pot depicts its modern design and its motif is hand-painted with gold-leaf accents.

Item Description (3): This fish is carved from a burl of golden colored wood. It is one foot in length and only about 3.5 inches wide. The fish has its mouth open and its tongue is slightly protruding.
Item Description (4): Balinese Surfer Puppet...During Rama's travels to Bali, he acquired this colorful "surfer" or "snowboarding" warrior puppet with arms hinged at the shoulders and the elbows attached to sticks to provide movement as a puppet. Can also be used as a wall hanging.

Item Description (5): Handpainted scalloped shaped bowl with parrots, flowers and pineapples. Label glued to the bottom of this bowl reads the following: "PORCELAIN FROM CHINA. DECORATED IN MACAU. NOT FOR FOOD USE."