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Item Description (1): This double breasted coat is the top of a Gianni Versace tux jacket. It has wide cut satin lapels with six rhinestone buttons. It has the same button on each sleeve. It is a long jacket -- size 52. It includes a diamond studded handled small sized umbrella. The umbrella has a small tassle on its handle.
Item Description (2): Versace black tux jacket with velvet lapels and velvet trimmed faux pockets. Size 54. Jacket fabric is a synthetic fiber of some sort. No label available other than Made in Italy and Versace. The jacket is accented by beautiful custom made Versace buttons, two on each cuff and three down the front.
Item Description (3): Versace blue suede jacket with two open pockets and one faux upper outside pocket. A movie theatre ticket was found in the inside pocket dated Aug 8, 1997 for the movie "Conspiracy."
Item Description (4): This Italian-made overcoat is a large plaid, Gianni Versace garment of 100% wool. The lining is dark gray. It includes extra metal Versace buttons. It is a size 54.
Item Description (5): This size 54 Gianni Versace suit is brownish copper in color (30% silk and 70% wool). The smooth rayon jacket lining is exquisitely imprinted with the Versace label. Wrinkle-free: When looking inside for garment information, the pants were removed from the hanger where they had been folded over for many years. To rehang the pants, there were no crease impressions to follow.
Item Description (6): This is a Gianni Versace suit and the fabric was made in Italy. It actually has a linen look but is 100% silk -- like a raw silk fabric. It is double lined. This is European size is 54 pants and jacket. It is beautifully tailored with asymmetrical inside jacket pockets of the jacket.
Item Description (7): Charcoal Versace Suit with an awesome sheen to the fabric. It is a size 54.


Item Description (8): This shirt is gray and teal striped on an off-white permanent press fabric. It is a Bergdorf Goodman monogrammed shirt with Rama's initials -- "FPL" on the outer, lower, left hand side of the shirt. BTW...the "P" stood for "Philip."



Item Description (9): Retrograde Planet T-shirt. Size: X-Large. Mint condition.



Item Description (10): Snowboarding to Nirvana T-shirt. Size: X-Large. Mint condition.



Item Description (11): Snowboarding pants with a Burton Snowboards Biolight 100% Nylon and 100% Polyester label. Size: Large. Zippered sides going from the pocket level to approximately the level of the knee.



Item Description (12): Inside label reads "wave rave" "Boulder CO, USA" "GLOVES & MITTENS" "Positive Vibe Guaranteed" on the opposite side of the label. Made in Indonesia: water proof - 100% polyester lining, 100% nylon shell, Swiss kevlar palms. On the outside of each glove, the palm area is labeled KEVLAR and HiPOR and there is the insignia WR (probably for Wave Rave, the name of the company which designed these gloves). How apropos for Rama to have snowboarding gloves named as such considering they are more than likely the ones pictured on the Surfing the Himilayas poster worn by Rama as he held his Apocalypse snowboard.


Item Description (13): This ceramic statue is quite old. It is believed to be from Nepal. It depicts the overcoming of negative energies by a warrior being of power. It is approximately 11 inches high and it shows a warrior being or devine enity standing on top of a demonic entity of some sort.
Item Description (14): Very old Japanese-like Tea Set. It has the insignia of the artist or maker written on the bottom of each of the five cups that come with the tea pot. The type of handle on this very interesting tea pot depicts its modern design and its motif is hand-painted with gold-leaf accents.

Item Description (15): This fish is carved from a burl of golden colored wood. It is one foot in length and only about 3.5 inches wide. The fish has its mouth open and its tongue is slightly protruding.
Item Description (16): Balinese Surfer Puppet...During Rama's travels to Bali, he acquired this colorful "surfer" or "snowboarding" warrior puppet with arms hinged at the shoulders and the elbows attached to sticks to provide movement as a puppet. Can also be used as a wall hanging.

Item Description (17): Handpainted scalloped shaped bowl with parrots, flowers and pineapples. Label glued to the bottom of this bowl reads the following: "PORCELAIN FROM CHINA. DECORATED IN MACAU. NOT FOR FOOD USE."



Item Description (18): This beautiful pillow is French tapestry style. It is made in France by Gobly's. The actual pillow is a bit darker than the photo suggests. The backing is solid beige. It is approximately 18 inches square.



Item Description (19): A small amethyst tree. The small pieces of amethyst are mounted to form a brass tree. This is 4.5 inches high and 4 inches wide. The stones in the brass base are white. One of the branches is cracked so this item is reduced.



Item Description (20): This leash is red ostrich and approximately 40 inches long. It is very thin and delicate, meant for a smaller pet.




Item Description (21): Zuni-like round pin with a sunburst like design in onyx, turquoise and coral. The pin is sterling silver and is stamped by the artist.