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Welcome to the American Buddhist Temple Website

, otherwise called the "ABT" Website for short. This website was inspired by Dr. Frederick P. Lenz III, known to his spiritual students as Rama, a teacher of Buddhism for Westerners.

Rama discussed at length with D.J.F., his personal caretaker of five years, the idea of having a website geared towards interesting the youth of the West in Buddhism. Dr. Frederick Lenz wrote a two-book sequel which were spiritual adventures about snowboarding in the Himalayas: "Surfing the Himalayas" and "Snowboarding to Nirvana."

This website gives you various "Surfing" options for your browsing pleasure. We invite all those interested in what we have to offer here, or could offer here, to send us feedback...perhaps someone has a Rama adventure, rare photos, session notes or handouts to contribute. In time, D.J.F. hopes to host a window in which he will share a new Rama 'Rememberance' each month from his time of working in close proximity to Rama. David was not a "Rama student" as he had just completed spending ten years with his own enlightened teacher who then left the body not long before he met and was employed by Rama.

In the future, we hope to host a Buddhist Beach Party somewhere in Malibu, CA. D.J.F. would like to meet with interested students of Buddhism, so that he might share some of his more fascinating experiences while spending time and working for the enlightened American Buddhist Master, Dr. Frederick P. Lenz III, or Rama, as he was known to his students. Rama's students are eternally grateful that they were able to spend time and meditate with such a wonderful teacher.

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